Our Last Farm Event was a Success!

Our last event was a success! Thanks to all those who came out! We offered farm tours, food demos, and it was a potluck. Here are some pictures from that event. (Thanks to Holly, and Kim, and Sheri  for the pictures.)

Listening to Ariane’s green smoothie demo!

Stella teaching the kids about the plants.

Kendra and Kevin checkin' out our citrus and Cushaw Squash

Farm Tour with Stella

More of the farm tour.. Everyone's checkin' out the garden

In the field again....

Stella in the field. Beautiful shot.

The Farm Stand...

Closer up...

Torrie and Aesop putting on the final touches (sauce) on the Nori Rolls

New volunteer from Apache Junction!

Check out all the amazing food! Potluck style.. and No.. that is not what you think it is in the corner of the plate ;D

Pickin' away :)



We can’t Thank everyone enough for their continued support…. :) Thanks again! We will announce our next event soon!